Ballet Concerto’s F.I.N.D. program aims to introduce ballet to young students who would otherwise have little opportunity to experience the joy of dance. F.I.N.D. provides students with the opportunity to take ballet lessons, giving them an appreciation for the physical demands and aesthetic value of ballet.


The ultimate goal of F.I.N.D. is to implement classical ballet lessons as a permanent part of the Fort Worth Independent School District's after-school curriculum.


Classes are taught by professional dancers and are offered on a volunteer basis for one hour per week to students in the 4th and 5th grade. Classes are limited to 22 students with a minimum of 20 students. These classes are offered as an after-school class in four elementary schools in the FWISD.

F.I.N.D. aims to discover students who desire to continue in their ballet studies, with the hope that eventually, they will become a full member of the company.

*The F.I.N.D. program is fully sponsored through the public and private donations to Ballet Concerto